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Long ago, upon an alternate earth, around 9th millennia B.C., on the continent of Africa, dark magic and monsters of legend exist. For thousands of years, a malevolently powerful voodoo master held their Motherland in his firm evil grip. It was an era of fear and doom until the leaders of two dominant tribes joined clans, defeated the immortal voodoo king, and took the Dark Grimoires (his most extensive book of supreme dark magic). The Navitazi Clan, a people of fearless warriors, and the Assassin Clan, masters of the dark arts, became the guardians of Africa and the safe keepers of the Dark Grimoires. This story takes place around 5000 B.C. in the kingdom of Ardhi Anasa. The descendants of the ancient clan leaders, Princess Icya Assassin, and the Twin Souls (Prince Saka Navitazi and Thundar, an African gorilla), find themselves fighting for survival as an ancient evil that they had only read about in books threatens to destroy everything they love. If this trio of unconventional teenagers is to save all they hold dear to them, they must sacrifice their adolescence, tap into the power of God himself and become the protectors they were always destined to be.

This thirty one page booklet is part of the Create Reflexive Reading Opportunities Campaign(C.R.R.O.C.)A program to promote the love of reading. With this booklet a person can check chapter by chapter and be sure another person is reading Dark Grimoires by MERJr.

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